Strata managers across Australia share their experiences with flammable cladding

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
April 12, 2019
Strata managers across Australia share their experiences with flammable cladding

The results are in from our recent survey we sent to strata managers on flammable cladding in Australia. A big thank you to those that took the time to share their thoughts.

Almost half of New South Wales & Queensland strata managers who responded said that almost all their clients had met their cladding registration requirements.  While great to see, there’s still work to be done as one third of respondents said that less than 50% of their properties had registered!

Extrapolating from this, we estimate that 1/3 of all buildings are yet to complete registration.  This should be a concern to all who want safe buildings, but especially governments, managers and owners.  And prospective purchasers.

A staggering 80% of respondents indicated that  owners in buildings with cladding do not properly understand the problem and what they should be doing, thus highlighting that there is still a great deal of work to be done regarding awareness and education.

When asked what the most important issues in cladding that are not being currently addressed are, respondents mentioned the following:

  • Government responsibility for enforcement of the Building Code
  • The current state of building certification
  • Lack of understanding from owners on the impact of flammable cladding on building insurance premiums
  • State Government bodies changing the goal posts along the way

We will continue to work towards bridging the information gap on flammable cladding for strata managers, owners and industry participants. Contact Lannock for more information on financing options for strata fire safety compliance.