Strata personalities shine at the SCA NSW Convention

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
October 30, 2018
Strata personalities shine at the SCA NSW Convention

Lannock’s Strata Personality Test launched at the Strata Community Association NSW Convention on October 25th and 26th 2018.

Strata managers in attendance were asked a number of light-hearted strata themed questions to ascertain which personality type they most aligned with.

Below are some highlights from those that participated in the survey:

  • Strata Champions were the most prolific representing 32% of those surveyed followed by Gurus (25%), Romantics (24%) and Free Spirits (20%)
  • After a particularly difficult general meeting hitting the local pub was the most popular option
  • Over 50% said that meeting interesting people was the best part of the job
  • 45% chose Paris as their go-to destination. Interestingly, Istanbul was a less popular choice than Antarctica
  • The rooftop garden beat the giant slide as the preferred building upgrade
  • Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ was the number one song to unwind to after a busy of day of meetings. Only 10% of respondents selected ‘The Marriage of Figaro’.
  • 58% of people are willing to answer a work related call and help out the caller on a Friday evening
  • 43% would use the SCA website to stay up to date on what’s going on in the strata industry
  • When it comes to transferring the files of a client that’s recently moved on, 40% are happy to pack the files and get them out immediately (we hope the people who said they wanted to destroy the files were joking)
  • The most popular exotic pet that people want to see at their next onsite meeting was also the most dangerous: a lion
  • And a result we were pleased to see, more than 75% of respondents will call Lannock if an Owners Corporation requires funds for building work
  • Get in in touch if you have any comments or feedback.