Strata Fire Safety & Compliance – Australia Takes Notice

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
September 17, 2017
Strata Fire Safety & Compliance  – Australia Takes Notice

Am I at risk? If so, what does this mean for my safety and financial security? These are just some of the questions that Australians are asking in the wake of a number of serious building fires caused by the use of non-compliant cladding.

To help assist with the current lack of public information available, Lannock together with Bannermans Lawyers held a Strata Fire Safety Forum on August 31st to facilitate discussion between a number of key industry experts.

With major concerns raised at the forum, media interest was piqued with Domain echoing that cladding is the asbestos of 2017 and CEO of Lannock, Paul Morton, catching up with Channel 7 News, Sky News and 2GB Radio to discuss strata fire safety in further detail.

The ABC later joined the conversation with Four Corner’s damning investigation into the dangerous legacy of failed regulation in the building industry.

Michael Bleby from the AFR was soon questioning when to worry about your apartment’s cladding and will buildings struggle to get insurance.

Read Paul Morton’s comments regarding the recent Senate inquiry into non-compliant building products.

Over the coming weeks, Lannock will be sharing insights and footage from the Strata Fire Safety Forum and providing resources on next steps that can be taken regarding fire safety compliance.

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